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Gift Ideas For Teenager In Remote Area

Christmas is coming, time for us to give the best for our loved ones. If you have family living in remote areas, this is the right gift for their teenager!
But first, you must know the needs of teenagers in the remote area. They are the same with the teenagers who living in a city, but the facilities in the remote area are very limited. They must go a long way to be able to buy their needs, so they can’t buy their needs whenever they want to.
gift guide for teenager in remote area


Helpful Hints: Reveal The Willpower For Kids Who Don’t Like Sport In Less Than A Year

How many of you who have the same problem with me: your child does not like sports? But, if you live in a town or village that has many sports facilities then it is not a problem. But if you live in remote areas like mine, where sports facilities are very limited, so you must be clever. 
Helpful Hints: Reveal The Willpower For Kids Who Don’t Like Sport In Less Than A Year
When he refused to go to the exercise, we mainly push him, not punish him, by this way he will have the feeling that sport is fun. And although he is reluctance at the beginning, but when exercise begins he could do it happily. I think, sport should be done happily. 


Do You Need To Be A Tiger Mom To Educate Your Child? - MKB Blog Hop

Years ago, I read "Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother", this book teach me a lot about how Asian parents educate their children. I felt so agree with the book, and at the same time... disagree! Why I agree? Yes, that is the most Asian parents do to their children! Why I disagree? That's absolutely not the right parenting method for me. I am Asian mom, but I will not do that to my child.
Finding a balance The importance of nature in raising children is a great section in Beyond The Tiger Mom



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