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How to Guide A Girl Through Her First Menstruation

The onset of menstruation, which is the first time a girl experiences menstruation, is a confusing period for her. Some girls may have received information from the school about what menstruation is, why menstruation occurs, and what if menstruation occurs, but not all children are that lucky. However, schools provide lessons according to a predetermined curriculum for the average age of children, they don't provide information about the conditions of girls who are outside the average, for example, girls with conditions of early physical maturity than the average age. Here the role of parents is very decisive and necessary to prepare her and ensure that she feels comfortable with her body.


How to Guide A Girl Through Her First Menstruation

The condition of the girls in early menstruation
Even though they have received information from the school, sometimes they are still confused and wondering what happened to her body. Especially if other influences differentiate between her menstruation and those described by the school. Besides, many schools only explain in terms of physical changes without discussing environmental and psychological influences, because these two factors will indeed be very broad if discussed in school. After all, this is a very personal experience.

Girls who experience their first menstruation will also feel uncomfortable even though some do not experience it. Some of them will feel dizzy, ache, anemia, and a feeling of discomfort because of the menstrual pads, and also anger from parents when she accidentally dirty the bed sheets or bathroom. This situation will often lead to feelings of inferiority when she is menstruating.

Why do they need assistance?
Girls need to feel comfortable during the menstrual period
Menstruation is a cycle that a girl will undergo for decades of her life, if she feels comfortable then this cycle will not interfere with her activities. She could read her body's alarms and could do something to deal with the problems in her body. Menstruation will have symptoms that differ from person to person. In some people, actively moving around will reduce the feeling of soreness and dizziness. For others, drinking soda will relieve the discomfort. Those are just some examples of the different ways to treat menstrual discomfort.

Girls need to feel that menstruation is not a mistake
Menstruation is not a mistake, menstruation is a gift for a woman's body so that she can have reproductive capabilities. I was devastated when I found out that a girl had just had her period and then during her menstruation, she came under pressure from her father who blamed her for the dirty bed, dirty bathroom, and even for the menstrual pain that this little girl was suffering! After all her father's treatment, all this little girl got was guilt that she had her period! That very saddens me.

How can parents support their teenagers well?
Meet the needs of nutritious food
Foods that contain the high protein are needed by girls during menstruation more than when they are not menstruating. Apart from that, mood booster foods like chocolate will also help her deal with these times of hormonal turmoil.

Stay calm and supportive
Calm and support from parents will also bring calm to the minds of the girls. For example, parents who are shocked to see a menstrual spot on the bed will respond angrily. This parental anger is something that will disrupt the relationship between parent and kid during tough times of first-time menstruation. Problems like this can easily be overcome, for example by wearing a menstrual pad that was made special for nighttime.

Helping the girls to recognize the emotions associated with menstruation
Emotional upheaval is a sign that girls often experience during this menstrual period. Sometimes, this emotional upheaval makes her have problems with friends, siblings, teachers, even with people they don't know. Here we see the potential for kids to experience social problems because of their emotional spike. Helping the girls by making them aware of the hormonal effects on their emotions and getting them to recognize their emotions is an anticipatory step we can take as parents.

With these brief insights and tips, I hope parents can better prepare their children for menstruation.



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