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How We Start Our Early Morning With Passion

Good morning! This morning I woke up earlier than usual, at 03:30. When I open my room's door, I saw my son came out of the room ready to take a bath! Even though my son is not going to a formal school, so he doesn't have to wake up in the morning shake. Actually, he's been used to getting up early morning since he was a kid. After wake up, he will take a shower followed by making his own hot tea. Yes, he has this habit since he was a child around the age of 7 yo.

How We Start Our Early Morning With Passion

The habit of getting up early for our family is a very good thing because the body detox system occurs at 05:00, so at this time it is best to remove our body waste.

How can we get my son to have the urge to wake up early morning? Games! And how do I have the morning drive? My work! Games and work are seen by many as something different. People only see that games are just intoxicating fun and work is an obligation that must be done and is noble. We don't see it that way. My point of view on games is that there are a lot of people out there who make gaming a money-making profession, a job!

On the other hand, games for my son are like a brain exercise. In the games he played, he practiced thinking about how he could struggle, he analyzed the problems that existed in the games, and he also thought about how to develop the logistics. From this, I see that games are not something that should be prohibited unless he becomes a gameaholic who cannot stop himself. In fact, my son can stop on his own because of his discipline that he practiced since he was a child. Gameaholics, workaholics, those are not good like smokers who can't stop poisoning their lungs and the lungs of those around them.

FYI, the games my son plays are not games that used to be on a smartphone but on the computer, whose content is much more complex. This is also another consideration so I allow him to keep playing games.

One other thing I want to emphasize here is a passion! This is what moves us both so that we can wake up in the morning and be excited to continue activities. My son's passion for games, and my passion for work. The passion that drives both of us is the same. No different. This passion is good to nurture so that every day we wake up excitedly, not lazing about, especially with the fear of facing problems.

Let us wake up in the morning with enthusiasm, get rid of all fears. In the evening prayer, let us leave all problems in the mighty hands of God so that when we wake up in the morning, there is no more fear, but the enthusiasm to be better on a new day. We need to wake up early not only because of routine but because of our passion!


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