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How To Guide Your Kid To Learn To Drive A Car?

It is time to learn to drive a car. Like cooking and clean up the room, a kid should be able to drive a car as the basic skill. Many parents want to teach their own children to drive a car but don't know-how. Here some useful tips:
How to guide to drive
1. Does your teen have a learner's permit?
Someone who has taken a theory test on driving will get a learner's permit that he can carry when practicing driving at certain times.
2. Relax
Kids can feel parental anxiety and even transferred it from the parent. Parents who remain calm will bring confidence to their kids even on driving lessons. most parents feel tense in accompanying their children to learn to drive a car for fear of an accident. If an accident occurs the child will be injured and the car can be damaged. This is certainly an unwanted thing. But try to stay calm even though you're worried. 
3. Practice in a short period of time
Practicing in a short period of time will reduce the risk due to fatigue because there are usually stress factors involved in learning to drive. Stress will accelerate fatigue. 15-20 minutes is the right time for the beginning of learning.
4. Use the same car
This is intended to make it easier for children to master their vehicles. If your car is too fancy to use to driving learning, you can buy a car at a junkyard near you as a tool for your kid to learn driving.
5. Offer constructive criticism
Just as first time learning something, the kid also needs criticism but give them constructive criticism, not one that is debilitating. Also, praise the kid for his achievements.
6. Start from the easy path
Driving learning is very risky if it is directly carried out on a road full of vehicles or winding. Start on a quiet and straight road, to get children to control the car.
7. Practice as often as possible
Several times a week is good because driving involves the ability to control muscles, so it is necessary to repeat them until they really master it.


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