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How To Choose The Best Gift For Mother's Day And Father's Day

Being away from my beloved mother always makes me sad, especially during Mother's Day. We usually celebrated it by enjoying the meal together, but now we can’t do it anymore. We’ve been separated for three years by the oceans and hundreds of kilometers away, and I was not home when Mother’s Day. But I want to make her happy. Well, as other daughters do to her mother, I send her a nice gift and have a nice conversation although it’s only by phone.
How to choose the best gift for mom and dad
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When I want to give a gift for my mother, I always consider these five things. But as you read through these, you’ll see that these five things can be applied not only for mother's gift but also for father’s gift. They can be applied to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, or any occasion:
1. The gifts must meet the needs of your mother or father
Nowadays, our mom or dad must be old, their eyesight is much decreased, so does their physical strength. By this condition, their needs will be different from years ago when we were teenagers it's when we give them sports shoes, watches, or ceramic sculpture for the gift.
Nowadays they may need more comfortably cushioned pillows, scarves to withstand the cold, the memory books they write down whatever they want to write.
How to choose the best gift for mom and dadphoto courtesy of Gifts Less Ordinary
2. The gifts must be matched with mother’s or father’s favorites
The colors, usability, models, and other features must be meet with mom or dad favorites, not yours. Many people give gifts according to what is good for them, what they think is good that is given as a gift. In fact, who received the gift did not like it.
If you are unsure of your parents' favorites, this brief guide might be useful:
Elderly parents prefer soft pastel colors and soft mid tones colors. These colors will give you a warm, soothing, and peaceful feeling.
Elderly parents prefer goods that are not easily broken, and not fragile. Because their motor is getting weaker to hold or keep the goods.
Elderly parents prefer items they can wear every day, they have no need to stack things in cabinets or warehouses.
How to choose the best gift for mom and dadphoto courtesy of Gifts Less Ordinary
3. The gifts must represent us
I often consider the stuff I make myself to give to my mom, but there are times when I don’t have enough time to make it. Sad, but there must still be a gift to be sent.
For this purpose, I usually choose the same things I used to make, or that can help my mother to remember me. Items such as clothes, scarf, memory books with pictures of our family, and so on. By giving the goods that represent us, mom or dad will always feel close to us.
How to choose the best gift for mom and dadphoto courtesy of Gifts Less Ordinary
4. The gifts must be unique and less ordinary
You don’t have to buy an ancient ceramic vase or a famous designer's clothes. Whatever the gift, as long as it makes a smile on father’s or mother’s face, that is the best gift!
Gifts also don’t have to be expensive, adjust it to your financial condition. And when giving it, say some good words, either by phone or in person. Avoid saying words that declare your gift is more valuable than your parents because parents are more valuable than anything in the world.
How to choose the best gift for mom and dadphoto courtesy of Gifts Less Ordinary
5. The gifts are shipped from reliable companies
If you have to send the gift from the company of gift provider directly to your mom or dad, choose a reliable gift company, which can guarantee your gift delivered safely and right on time.
One company that I know is good as a gift provider is Gifts Less Ordinary. They provide a wide selection of gifts that would be appropriate for your mother or father with personalized choices in their products with affordable price. Just visit Gifts Less Ordinary website, choose your gift, personalized it, pay, and deliver!
Hopefully, this article will help you in making the right decision to give a gift for your parents on Mother's Day or Father's Day. Cause they are the best!
How to choose the best gift for mom and dadMe, my lovely mom, and my lovely mother in law. They are so precious!


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