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Social skill is an aspect that should be learn by kids. Although some kids have good social skill since they was born, but some kids should learn. The best teacher for developing social skill in children is parent. Although parent realize about this responsibility, only few of them know how to teach social skill to their children. That’s why parent need resources to learn that easy to get.

30 day stronger kids

There are so many resources such as books, ebooks, websites, online groups, parenting class, etc that teach parent to be good parent, so that their children can developing strong personality and strong body.
Some of those resources have contents that are easy to applied, and some only have theory. Some only feed short term needs, and some can be long term guidance. Parents often feels overwhelmed by those resources, they often confuse about which to follow. Did you ever feel like this? To tell the truth, I never overwhelmed by parenting resources. I know what I need, I know my ability, and I know where to get the answer of my question.
When I need to developing my son’s social skill, first I ask this question:
What is social skill?
And then what aspect he will need to developing his social skill? He will need friends, he will need skills to communicate his needs to others, and he will need to be able to understand others’ needs.
And then I break down those aspects above to a more doable description, for example: He will need skills to communicate his needs to others, I’ll break down this into:
- Practice how to speak politely
- Practice the body language
- Practice to eliminate tension while talking to others
- etc.
By doing this I am not confuse anymore about what I need to know and what resources that I need. But if you can’t do as I do, here is a book as a good resource to be your parenting references: 30 Days To A Stronger Child.

30 day stronger kids 2

This book have complete reference for parent to build strong kids. As we know, a strong kid is able to recover quickly from change or difficult conditions, so this is important aspect of parenting. This book give to parent theories, ideas to discuss with children, activities for children to practice their skills, and challenge to empower children to mastering the skills. I read this book, discuss with my son, and challenge him! Guess what we got? My son get a new penpal from overseas! They contact each other through the messenger. Awesome! This book is published by Educate Empower Kids the most trusted resources to empower parents educate their children.

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