Managing Diabetes At Remote Area

managing diabetes
When we were considering moving to remote area, I was worried with my diabetes care. Does the clinic supply insulin? What if I need hospitalization due to diabetes, is there hospital near the house? What if the food they supplied not support my diabetes cure? All of these questions make me worried, but I decided to go to this remote area.
All of my worries seems not happened.
My area are one hour away from the nearest small town, where I can buy insulin pen. Once a month we go to the town to buy insulin pen, the needles, and other needs. Usually I bought 3 insulin pens and fifteen needles for the whole month stock. I am not using other medication for my diabetes, I’m type 1. Regularly, I shot 16 unit per day, but when I was in town, I shot 25 unit per day! I reduce my insulin dosage, cause I ever suffering hypoglycemia since I moved to this remote area.
Yes, I felt so surprised by what happened in my blood glucose! But improved conditions did not make me stop looking for means that I need to take care of my diabetes. I must know the nearest hospital and internist for if I need them. Anyway, there are two factors that I suspiciously affecting my blood sugar: food and strength from God.
What are the difference between food here and food at the town?
Nothing special! They supply us with fresh food, just like food that I cook when in town. The situation that makes difference is: I can’t buy snacks or cakes easily here! I live in a company housing, people, including cakes sellers, have to pass three gates to get into our house, and it is impossible if they don’t have licence to enter those gates. This makes me hard to buy cakes. When in town, there are cakes seller passed in front of our house, I only have to called them to buy cakes. Cakes and more cakes, rich with sugar and carbohydrate that causing my blood sugar high.
The second (and mostly) factor is God’s strength! I come here with purposes: to see another world, and to spread God’s love through my skill (crafting and literary). God has purpose in every life, and He will open the path to people that are following Him. He blessed our family trip to this remote area, He protect us, and He want us to work more and more for Him. He said to me: No, it’s not your time to quit! Spread your wings they need you!” and I say “Yes!” Then He bless me abundantly to work more to spread His love. Diabetes can’t stop God. Even if that is type 1!
If you are a type 1 diabetes, comment here, I like to read your story.