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How Do I Change Bad Things Into Money

I have the habit in midnight: nightmares! Yes, nightmares! I don’t know what causing me to have nightmares every midnight. I can have two until three nightmares at one night! Amazing huh? Lol! But don’t worry, I always slept again after those nightmares and never felt afraid or shocked. I am good at sleep!

How do I change nightmares into money


Lately, I know that my nightmare might caused by hypoglycemia that I suffering at midnight. I am type 1 diabetes, hypoglycemia nightmares are often suffered by someone with diabetes.
But, my positive mind says: “this is your talent! Don’t dissipate it!” Yes, it really means “don’t dissipate this nightmare!” Lol! But how? What should I do with all those hilarious stories in my head during my midnight? My husband said: turn those nightmares into stories whether those are horror or adventures.
What a great idea!
All I have to do is just write my nightmares. But, with those thousands memories and facts that I keep in my mind since I was born, it is not easy to remembering every dream when I wake up. I only remember the feeling that I felt during dreaming, those could be sad, angry, afraid, or confused feeling. But I forgot the person, setting, or the plot. It will be impossible to write my nightmares if only based on the feeling. Useless.
What should I do?
So, I decide to write every nightmare right after I wake up shockingly because of those nightmares!

Nightmare - I wake up - I write - sleep again …….. Repeat! Lol!

I hope one day this stories are not just stories but become a book that compiles my journey to the unconscious world. When I told my nightmares to my good friend, she asked me: “Maria, I wonder, what is your brain made of?” Lol!
So, in this article, I share to you how bad things become good things, and more than that, bad things become money! If you frequently get nightmares like me, get up, pray, and… write! That way your nightmare become something good. And trust me, you’ll fall asleep again easily.

There always be the silver lining!

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0 #1 Bibi 2016-11-03 19:13
This is not a bad idea to turn nightmares into stories! They say some of the best inventors used to keep a notebook next to their bed and wrote down their thoughts as soon as they woke up. (I wish I could remember who it was exactly...)
Visiting from Celebrating Blogging link up party!

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