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One Step One Prayer For Them - Faithful Finish Lines Week 3

Week 3 of my fitness program with Faithful Finish Lines. I feel wonderful! Because everyday I have friends who remind me about the health program, about to be brave, and to commit. So far, I feel the benefit of this program to my health and to my diabetes.

one step one prayer

Before I registering to Faithful Finish Lines, I got my diabetes high during the day. Since the third week of the program, my blood sugar was normal during the day. I’m so happy with this! What have I done to make myself healthier?
I walked 10-20 minutes a day, everyday. The Faithful Finish Lines suggest me to walk 10 minutes a day, and take a rest on the next day. But I did everyday, even in Sunday.
I took care of my food and my drink. I avoid excessive carb, eat fruits everyday 5-6 portions.
And I avoid stress! As a type 1 diabetes, stressful situation can harm my blood sugar.
Although I done those steps regularly, sometimes I got my blood sugar high. That’s commonly happened to type 1 diabetes, whatever you do your blood sugar remain unpredictable. But, it’s better to maintain our health well, just because our body need to be health. I will not end up my effort just because I desperate, no! I won’t give up. I’ll always walking, diet, avoid stress, and take my insulin shot whether my blood sugar high or low.
This week Faithful Finish Lines also talk about the amount of protein. Protein is also be my attention for my diet. If you have diabetes, you have high risk of kidney problem. Maintaining the right amount of protein will keep your kidney healthier.
Lately, I decide to be vegetarian, to avoid protein from animal, although I still eat egg and dairy products. I get my protein from beans, nut, and egg. I don’t like milk, but I like cheese. So far, I have more muscle than fat
And as Faithful Finish Lines said, “Absolutely God will use this 7 week time period to grow you into a healthier more fit person. You will eat well, exercise, grow stronger, even rest better.” Yeah, I have better sleep at night!
I really like this program, it touch my religion side too. I like the idea about: “Choose a mission to go along with your Faithful Finish Lines goal!” I choose to pray for my mom, mom and father in law, also for my son and husband, and my brother too, in every step I take in my everyday walk, 10 minutes walk. One step one prayer. I ask God to protect their health and guide them through His way.



0 #1 Rachel 2016-03-31 01:22
You inspire me to consider ideas to be healthier. Thanks for sharing.

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