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Be Brave! Setting The Goals For Healthy Life

Faithful Finish Lines, my online fitness program on week 2, suggest me to add vegetables and fruits on everyday menu, and setting the goal. I am going to need extra effort to add vegetables and fruits. But about setting the goals, I have some tips about how to make realistic goals that you can achieve.
First, about vegetables and fruits. I live in a remote area, surrounded by water area. It is not easy to plant all various of vegetables and fruits, so people have to buy from other area. Only small amount of fruits can grow here, but more various of vegetables. In local market I only can see banana, apples, sometimes watermelon, sometimes durian. And I ever have bad experience with apples, I smelled chemistry substance, such a medicine or antibiotic from the apples! Oh that was terrible! They use medicine so that the apples nonperishable when delivered to far places! But we still have banana and jackfruit, they are planted by local farmer, so they are safe from such a medicine.
So, it’s been two weeks I have banana everyday! I feel healthier stomach and stronger body. Banana have a lot of benefits to our body.
Other part of this week is setting goals. What do you feel when you have to setting goals for yourself? Do you afraid that you can’t achieve your goals? Do you afraid people will laugh at you when they know you can’t achieve your goals? Then you have to be realistic and simple!
Look at your family
Look at your house
Look at your bank account
Look at your deadlines
Look back to your past experience
At start thinking: what goals that you can achieve to make you healthier?
And if you doubt about your ability to achieve your own goals, share them in your support group. I’m so glad that Faithful Finish Lines have a very supporting group to share my goals, my dreams. This is one benefit of join Faithful Finish Lines, the program not only send you step-by-step to be healthier, but also supply you with full support from other members, scriptures and prayer to strengthen you from inside.
At the weeks 2, my goals is simple: 
- Eat 4 portions of fruits everyday
- Walk 10 minutes everyday



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