Establish Myself To Eat For Energy

This week I started fitness programs, not for slimming my body. But for my blood sugar to be normal. I chose online programs Faithful Finish Lines. Why would I choose online programs? Because I live in a remote with no fitness facility. Online programs more flexible to organize my fitness activities.


First week the program emphasized at:
1. Making the goals to be achieved during one-week Faithful Finish Lines programs.
2. Establish yourself to eat for energy.
So, my goals for this week is:
- The stability of blood sugar at a normal rate for at least 4 days. I can accomplish this goal if I keep the food, just eat low-carb food, low sugar, and keep moving on to dispose of excess calories and maintain the health of inner-organs and my muscles.
- Daily exercise for 25 minutes.
The obstacle that I can predict in order to achieve these goals are:
Fatigue that I get from working would make me reluctant to exercise, although I only sit during my work as a writer. But I know I have to fight all those laziness. Thank God this programs have an online support group, so when I lack of motivation, I can search for it through the group members.
Faithful Finish Lines program is also made me realize that God want my body to be healthy. This is very awakened me to always be prudent in selecting food and organize activities every day. Moreover, as a diabetic, I also susceptible to infection in the body that can lead to my blood sugar to rise. And the conditions can deter me from working for God. Be wise in choosing foods and not obsess over the hunger stomach, it is my motto today that I learned from the beginning of the Faithful Finish Lines programs.