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Yesterday I woke up with good spirit, I exercised as usually, I set up some works. And I was happy! Then it happened: I found someone using my photos without my permission! This ruined my world, and unfortunately ruined my blood sugar level!

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Yesterday morning I pretty sure that I am a healthy person with perfect blood sugar level. As type 1 diabetes since when I was a teenager, I can feel my body. After those angry phase, I measured my blood sugar level, and…. It was shocking me! 354 mg/dL! Amazingly high for me.
I was on my diet yesterday. No sugar intake, no excessive carbo too, I was not eating snack at all. Where was those blood sugar came from? My stress! So, yesterday I learned something new about relationship between my stress and high blood sugar level.
Today I woke up with new spirit to be a better person, I want to stay happy and healthy. I learn to be relax, here I share them to you:
Listening favorite music
I will not say that certain music genre have good effects for our health and other music genre is not. It’s up to your favor. Just listening your favorite music that give you relaxation.
Talk to God is the best way. He knows everything that we need, and keep us strong to reach our needs.
Walk outside about 20 minutes will refresh you! Meet people, enjoy your neighbourhood. I was walking to the dock, watching ship and boats around, the waves, and I felt better.
Be with someone you love and love you
Be with them, talk, laugh, holding hand, hugs. That will make you feel better, and so does your blood sugar level. Someone who love you will encourage you to be a better person, and be healthier.
And if you have families who suffer of chronic illness, your encouragement will be their energy to cure herself. I give you free printables that you can use to encourage your love ones. Print this at cardboard, cut, and fold as needed. Here idea how to use them:

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Click on the pictures below to download the files:

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