Waiting For The Rain

heavy rain
It has been three months my area covered by haze as a result of forest fires. Everyone prayed so that rain come heavily to extinguished the fire. A few days ago the rain downed heavily all day long. And we can breath fresh air without haze.
What can we learn from this natural phenomena?
When we feel uncomfortable, unhappy, or live in an environment that is not healthy for our characters, don’t be afraid to leave those environment! Even though that means you will get some “heavy rain” in your eyes, those are your cries. And after the heavy rain, you will see rainbow and sunshine!
“Be courage! Confront your new life with confidence!”
What you think as a “comfort zone” is not that comfort. Go out! Go to the west, south, east, or north, go everywhere that will makes you alive! Involve God to guide you through the way and find your truly happiness.
When the haze removed by rain, you’ll see the beauty of your world, with the clear blue sky and fresh air.