How to Control Your Diabetes During Christmas?

how to take care of diabetes during christmas
Holiday sometimes could bring our blood sugar in danger. It could be too high or too low. In short, it spiky! Spiky blood sugar is not good for your health, but stable at normal will be good.
Christmas day, as another holiday means party, food, family activities, and vacation. Those can impact blood sugar level in certain ways. To keep our blood sugar stable, here some tips for you:
1. Avoid certain cosmetics that raise the risk of your diabetes. Phthalate is a type of chemical found in beauty products, like nail polish, hair spray, skin lotions, and perfumes. Some research found that women with the highest levels of phthalates were nearly twice as likely to have diabetes as women with the lowest levels.
2. Avoid wearing shoes that can injure your foot. Some shoe industries made shoes that can’t be used by diabetes, they may cause a scratch on your foot. When your blood sugar level is high, your scratch will hard to be healed.
3. Avoid high carb food and sugar. Christmas meals are so tempting! But you have to keep your healthy by avoiding food with high carb and sugar.
4. Avoid stress condition. Stress can raise your blood sugar. Holiday party preparation can lead you to stress. Have fun no matter how hard your preparation, enjoy every moment with the happy smile and make a good team with your family.
5. Make sure your medicine and insulin shot are in good supplies due to the holiday.
6. Avoid drink alcohol before eat. Drink alcohol before you eat may cause your blood sugar too low. Low blood sugar can lead your body into danger.
7. Remember: the holiday is not an excuse! So, keep on the diet and healthy living.
8. Take a rest! It is important. Don’t push yourself, avoid fatigue.
Enjoy your Christmas with family, and keep on healthy living.