Camping In Rainy Day

Look at those cloudy sky!

It was our third camping with our homeschool community, Klub Sinau. And it was rainy day! Most of campers tend to ignore rain, but not us. Camping in rainy day is so challenging, we learn how to survive from the rain in the tent with dry clothes, sleeping bag, and food! Can we? Yes we can! 

Here are some tips for you to successfully camp in the rain:

My son was digging for the trench

And now, you are ready to enjoy your time dancing in the rain!

Yes, we are save and sound inside the tent

We came at the camping ground at noon, after we build the tent came the hard rain. It finished at night. Thank God we still have time to cook for our dinner and made up the campfire.

Beautiful, fresh, and calm morning... love it so much!

Morning is always be the most beautiful time for me. I breathe the fresh air deeply, set up my pray, and suddenly I felt healthier. I turned on the stove, cooked water to make coffee for me and my husband, tea for my son and my mother. The beautiful nature, fresh air, delicious coffee, warm family and friends... what else more precious than these? I thank God for all that I have. And I still hope that we can go for next camping, whether in the rain or not.