January Goals of A Multi-Talented Mom

january goals marcellinamaria 5
January is the first month, I’m pretty sure you full of spirit at this month! So do I. So, let’s start to write down our goals. I believe most of you unconsciously will write one year’s goals instead of one month. That’s ok, it is new year, new spirit of changes.
As a mom, wife, writer, and crafter, I have certain goals that might be different than you. But if you are also a mom, wife, writer, and crafter too, we might be have the same goals this month. I will break down my goals into my job as mom, writer, and crafter.
As A Mom, My January Goals Are…
Every hour, every minute at your kid’s time is very precious. I don’t want to lose every moment to build binding with my son. Every togetherness is meaningful, every communication is important. Family’s godly values should be transferred properly.
So, my goals are: communicate with my son in more fun and effective ways, more cooking with him, more traveling with him.
As A Wife, My January Goals Are…
More love languages and prayers for him will do! What else can I do to keep his heart to me? I only can give him more love, more love language, and God will help me if I pray.
I’m not going to refer my love language to any theory. Everyone have his own love language, and need his own love language. Communication is the key to knowing our spouse’s love language. So again, communication! More communication, for my husband and my son everday.
january goals marcellinamaria 4Me & my husband, he is so supporting me in every activities
As A Writer, My January Goals Are…
I need to read more children’s books, to write a better story and activities ebook on January! Good and imaginative children book will be good as food to my brain. One or two books will be good.
Oh Ship! 
by Lori A. Moore
This book is about traveling adventure by ship. This is a good book, I guess. I hope I can finish reading this book at January, and will post a review about it.

january goals marcellinamaria 2

Hour of the Bees
by Lindsay Eagar
This book is about a girl who visited her grandpa that living in a remote area in Mexico. I live in a remote area too, although not at a desert area. I have been reading the beginning of this book, so far I guess this is a very interesting and well written book.
january goals marcellinamaria 3
As A Crafter, My January Goals Are…
Learn new technique at quilting, learn to sew clothing, in fun way! I’ve been a paid crafter for four years, and this year I said: I’m enough!
Before I got paid, I did craft as a fun way to manage my family’s need of clothing, bag, and home decor. Since I worked as paid crafter, I only made by order of my customers. That was not bad at all. We bought all our family’s need of clothing and home decor. But, since we live in a remote area, we can’t get those needs at local stores, they don’t sell our needs. The only way is to make them ourselves!
Beside those reasons, remote area doesn’t have good courier service to ship my craft product to customer. I don’t like to disappointing my customer by late shipment. So I decide to stop my job as paid crafter. I choose to learn, and selling tutorials and patterns that can be downloaded as digital product. But I’m not hurried in selling my digital product, I will learn and add some skills on January.
january goals marcellinamaria 1My son's pants, sewn by me
OK, those are my goals, I hope I can reach them. Do you have your own goals for January 2016? Write here in comment box, or put your link in the link-up below.