Should I Monetize My Blog To Get Money From Blogging?

Should I Monetize My Bolg To Get Money From Blogging
Blogger get money by monetizing their blog. I’m not going to teach you about how to monetize our blog in this article. But, let us think: Should I monetize my blog to get money from blogging? The answer is NO!
In fact, I don't really care about monetizing my blog. I only write, write, write, and editing pictures to manage my blog, but I got money from my blog. What I did to make money from blog without monetizing?
My blog is my portfolios. I did my best in writing and editing pictures. People saw my work, and interesting to hire me as writer (whether it is contributor or ghost writer) or graphic editor.
But of course, to make people saw my work, I have to spread my work through social medias. How will people know if I’m not telling them? I have to be proactive to publishing my work.
And, of course I have to be proactive to offering my work to companies. If they interesting, they will open my blog to see what I can do for them. And if they more interesting, they will hire me! That’s mean I get job from my blog.
Keep on blogging! Nothing you will lose.