How To Create Awesome Quote For Awesome Encouragement?

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Do you like quotes?
Does your friend often sending you quotes?
What did you feel if you got quotes that match with your life?
We all like quotes! Especially those match with our life or our problems. By reading an appropriate quote, it feels like some of our problem erased.
Quotes works because they support our ego, feed our needs of support and acceptance, and remembering us about our purposes of life. That’s why quotes can encourage people to wake up.

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It is easy to find quotes that match with your needs, search from the web with appropriate keywords, and taraaaa….. you find the quotes!
Can we make a quote? Sure!
Read a book! You will find a lots of quotes in a book. Find a group of sentences that have special meaning to encourage or to deliver happiness. But don’t forget to mention the original author!
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