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Kue Muso Indonesia Steamed Cake Recipe #Choctoberfest

#Choctoberfest is here! This year I would like to share with you a very delicious traditional snack from Indonesia: Kue Muso (Muso Steamed Cake), which is originally from a small province of Indonesia, Jambi. 

kue muso indonesia steamed cake recipe

Kue Muso can’t be kept for more than one day even if they are kept in the refrigerator. So here is the step by step of how to cook Kue Muso.


250 gr glutinous rice flour

75 gr all-purpose flour

50 gr chocolate powder

50 gr cooking oil

1 teaspoon salt

50 gr sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla powder

200 ml of warm water. 

To make the filling:

500 ml of coconut milk

1 tbs pandan flavor mix with 50 ml of water

2 eggs

100 gr all-purpose flour

175 gr sugar

A pinch of salt

1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder

How to cook:

1. Mix all ingredients except the warm water. Knead while adding warm water little by little. You don’t have to use all the 200 ml warm water, if the dough is already smooth you can stop the water. The dough will be like this photo:

kue muso indonesia steamed cake recipe

2. Grease the mold with a thin layer of cooking oil. Weigh the dough as much as 25 grams, then round it into a ball, put it in a mold then start to shape it like a bowl. See the picture below:

kue muso indonesia steamed cake recipe

3. To make the filling: mix coconut milk and pandan water, add the eggs, beat well with a whisk. Add flour, sugar, salt, vanilla powder, stir with a whisk until blended and the flour does not clump. Then pour into a chocolate bowl as shown below:

kue muso indonesia steamed cake recipe

4. Prepare the steamer, heat it, and cover the lid with a cloth. Put the molds into the steamer and steam for 15 minutes. When done, remove the mold from the steamer, but do not remove the cake from the mold, wait until it cools so that the cake’s shape doesn’t change.

Now you can enjoy the delicious Indonesian snack.

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0 #7 tu2t 2020-10-17 06:10
wah iki.. koyoke enak.. bisalah dieksekusi hehehe.. laksanakan!
0 #6 Sri Widiyastuti 2020-10-13 22:40
Saya baru tahu ada kue yang namanya Kue Muso. Seperti kue lumpur gitu ya mbak rasanya? Cara membuatnya juga sepertinya mudah yaa. Jadi pengen nyobain nih.

Btw salam kenal mbak Marcell, saya sudah ikutan giveawaynya, moga keberuntungan menghampiriku, pengen punya mixer keren di atas itu.
0 #5 Delia Switlof 2020-10-13 14:08
Kebayang rasa manis coklatnya berpadu dengan gurih santan pandan, Yummy...
0 #4 Maria 2020-10-13 12:41
Quoting Sinta Dewi:
Good idea,
Nice taste,
good luck.

Feel free to try the recipe. This is very delicious.
0 #3 Maria 2020-10-13 12:40
Quoting Sayidah Rohmah:
Bawa makanan Indonesia di event internasional. Keren. Sukses, Ce!

Terima kasih mbak, iya saya sering begini :lol: biar makin terkenal kuliner Indonesia yang ragamnya sungguh luar biasa.
+1 #2 Sayidah Rohmah 2020-10-13 05:48
Bawa makanan Indonesia di event internasional. Keren. Sukses, Ce!
+1 #1 Sinta Dewi 2020-10-13 04:47
Good idea,
Nice taste,
good luck.

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