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My First Design As Fabric Designer!

Become a fabric designer! That’s what I never thought about before. Yes, I know that there are fabric printers, but they are expensive and I don’t have time to manage the marketing and production of my fabric design. If I hire employee, that’s mean I need extra money to pay my employee. Oh no, I think that will be hard to manage.

spring in me wm

So I keep on drawing, photograph, creating some mix media painting creations, and never forget to upload them in my social medias. One day, someone from Vida emailing me, asking if I want to join them to be their artist. Hhhmmm… I didn’t see the reason why I refused them.
I began to think what design should I sent to Vida? I was looking for some inspirations, from my environment, and even from popular keyword! I brought my habit as a blogger to my work as designer… LOL!
Then I found that the spring theme will be interesting. And I started to paint. I am not a good painter, but I am a good mix media artist. That way I’ll do my design. Here is my art, I give it name: Spring In Me
spring in me designWhat do you think? Give me your opinion.
Then I sent Spring In Me to Vida. In former email, they mentioned that they will need a few days to approval my design. But, it took only 1 hour to get the approval email. Wow… I’m amazed when I read their email and saw my design at their website as a sleeveless top! 

If you interesting to buy my design, you can go here.

I would really appreciate if you like to buy my design. That’s mean I can have more spirit to design again and again. Oh and if you have special design you want me to create for you, just contact me with your details. Artist need money to buy paint and paper.



0 #2 Carolina 2016-03-11 23:58
I love this designs and the colors really speak to me!!
Can't wait to see what else you come up with.
0 #1 Rachael 2016-03-07 13:47
Congrats! You design is beautiful. It works really well as a sleeveless top - perfect for spring!

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