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Leaves Pencil Holder, Awesome Looks Recycled Can

pencil holder leaves diy 1
I really like the result! This is an easy and very awesome result of recycled can with leaves. The materials are:
- Used can
- Leaves, I use yellowed leaves, but not dry. This kind of leaves would be easily shaped to follow the form of cans.
- Craft glue, acid free and fast dry will be better.
- Ribbon, two colors
- Decoupage varnish
pencil holder leaves diy 5
- Scissor
- Plier
- Brush
Wash the can, then dried.
Wash the leaves, to clean the dirt. Then dried.
pencil holder leaves diy 2
Cut the top of the can. Be careful, if you want to do this craft with your kids, this part should be yours. Now you need to fold the remaining pieces of can to the inside so as not to feel sharp and injure the hand. Use pliers.
pencil holder leaves diy 3
Glue the leaves on the can. You can arrange your leaves as you like. I put the glue on the up side of the leaves, so that the bone leaves texture will noticeably.
Attach the leaves to cover the surface of the can. Wait until the glue dry.
pencil holder leaves diy 4
Apply decoupage varnish with brush covering all leaves surfaces. You can skip this process if you don’t have decoupage varnish, but it will be better if you doing this. Decoupage varnish will make the dry leaves more durable.
Last, Attach the ribbon with glue to covering top and bottom line of the can.

Ready to use!


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