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Meet Jrappa The Giraffe

Jrappa The Giraffe ebook series is aimed to help toddler recognize facial emotional expression. With the introduction of facial emotional expression, children will be able to build the empathy. The Christmas Time is the beginning of the series of facial emotional expression with Jrappa.


Jrappa The Giraffe, your kid's friend to built emphaty

Suggestion to enjoy this book:
Parents read aloud the short stories and adding some imagination. Invite your kids to mention Jrappa's feeling so that they can deliver some empathy.
Why do parents need help kids build empathy?
Lately, we have seen many incidents happened because of the absence of empathy. There is a gap of children's character education in the past few decades. In those days, many parents only think about the fulfillment of physical needs. Nowadays it's time for parents to change by giving more attention to the character education of children.
Through Jrappa The Giraffe I help parents to get resources that appeal to children and facilitate the efforts of parents to educate the character to the children.
Currently, I'm launching Jrappa The Giraffe, I give you 50% off discount on the purchase of Jrappa The Giraffe - The Christmas Time, which is valid until December 5, 2017. Christmas is the perfect time to start your kid's character education and enjoy the time together with family.

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0 #15 Twinkle Gaur 2017-11-18 15:42
This sounds like a great book for kids.
0 #14 Fatima Torres 2017-11-16 05:59
What a cutie! Love how inexpensive it is, too.
0 #13 Sylvester Vanessa 2017-11-15 22:57
This book is cute and teaches values that are not portrayed enough in society. Thank you for sharing!
+1 #12 Hannah Marie 2017-11-15 08:52
This is a great idea. I agree that kids need to learn about emotions too. I'll check this out.
+1 #11 Aduke Schulist 2017-11-15 02:54
This looks like a great book. I love things that help teach character traits.
+1 #10 Becky Willis 2017-11-15 01:43
I love that this is about empathy. I think a child learning about empathy is very important so that they are able to react to those around them. Such a cute book!
+1 #9 Bobbi 2017-11-15 00:35
This looks like it is such a fun book series. My goodness children would love this!
+1 #8 Jess 2017-11-14 16:23
What a great way to help kiddos learn to detect other emotions so that they can show empathy when appropriate!
+1 #7 Jennifer G 2017-11-14 15:14
This sounds like a wonderful book to teach children more about empathy. This book sounds like an amazing way to educate our children.
+1 #6 Crystal Carder 2017-11-14 14:51
I love kid books and this one looks so cute! I love how it teaches kids about feelings and think it would make an awesome Christmas gift this year!

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