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Two Brave Little Kittens - Best Seller For Kids of All Ages
Story about the adventures of two super cute kittens, reading log, geography about town and village, geography about kid’s own hometown, free decorative paper and envelope to practice writing letters for a friend, activity for fun: make your own stamps, and crosswords.
Normal Price: $9
SALE Price: $2.25
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Back To School Teacher's Pack - Best Seller For Teachers
Banner to decorating your classroom, bookmark to give to your students, student's nametag, student information card, student's note for their new school year, calendar, volunteer card, individual lesson plan, bulletin board ideas include: Student of the month, class announcement, class assignment. Icebreaker, include: word scramble, trading card
All designed with nature theme chevron as background and cute boy, girl, and owl. Colorful!
Normal Price: $9
SALE Price: $2.25
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Science Experiment Planner - Best Seller For Primary To Secondary
A complete planner for your science experiment. Include: Rules during the experiment, materials checklist, shopping list, science investigation (for the record your science experimental processes, such as planning, prediction, variables, fair test, method, success criteria, recording & presenting data, analyzing data & make conclusions, evaluating), Two photo experiment pages for documentation.
Normal Price: $9
SALE Price: $0.50


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