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How To Give Memorable Gift Frugally?

How to give memorable gift frugally? Here are some tips
Have you ever felt disappointed when received a birthday gift? Did you ever received a birthday present that you thought will be more appropriate if given to your baby? Did you ever received a gift that you thought had no any goods?
Or, have you ever received a gift that you thought quite suit your needs? And you directly had ideas about the use of your gift? Or did you want to show off the gift that you received to your friends?
Those are two different types of responses shown by the recipient of the gift. If you are a gift giver, which response that you want to be shown by the receiver of your gift? I know the answer must be the second type. In order to get reaction as in the second type, you have to know: what caused the recipient to respond as in the first type?
1. You did not understand the needs of your gift recipient. So you couldn’t gave the right gift.
2. You believed that your choice was right for your gift recipient, but that was not true. Your thought is not always the same as others.
3. You didn’t have enough money to bought gift as your recipient’s wish.
4. You didn’t not know where to bought gift as your recipient’s wish!
If you ever met those four factors above, these are what you can do to meet the reactions of second type:
1. Looking for information about your gift recipient’s desired or needed. You can ask directly on her or ask to the person that close to her.
2. Take a look at your gift recipient's home, consider what her needed right now. Consider it based on personal condition, not the condition of her child or partner.
3. If you are in financial problem, consider the possibilities for a joint fund with others to buy an appropriate gift.
4. Also consider the possibility to make your own gift. Mostly, handmade would be much appreciated as a gift.
5. In the Chinese tradition, people gave money as a gift. It is one way to avoid disappointment and you surely give the right gift. The recipient could buy anything she needs with money from you, or save it to urgent need.
It is important to giving gift frugally. And it will be best if your gift match with your recipient’s needs. Gift doesn’t have to be expensive or luxury. But it should be touch the recipient’s heart, and left there as a memory.


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