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Christmas Gift Ideas For Families Who Live In Distant Places

Christmas gift ideas
Last Christmas, we were live at the same city with my families. We were so close, every Christmas eve we had family reunion. Family reunion was about time to giving. Hugs, food, and presents! But this year Christmas will be different for us.
We are living in a distant place from our family. Different island, different province. We should traveling two days to reach our home town. Not only about the distance, it’s also about the money we should spent to buy tickets, pay hotels, and buy food during our traveling back home. But I am pretty sure that my nephews waiting for Christmas present from me. They are so cute, I love them! There’s no excuse to not delivering Christmas present for them.
I have two problems here. I live in a remote area where there is no shopping mall to buy some present, and I live in a remote area, that’s mean I have to send the present to a long distance place, with high cost shipping fee! But wait, I’m a smart woman, I know what to do to live in frugal living. Considering those problem, I decide to:
1. Buy Christmas gifts from online store near my family’s home.
Or, I can search for online store that offering free shipping. I will give my nephew’s address as shipping address, by this way the online store will send my gift directly to my nephew’s house. I also can ask the online store to wrap my gift with wrapping paper!
2. Or send digital products as Christmas gifts.
Ebooks, shopping voucher, hotel or restaurant voucher, online games membership, and other membership of particular websites are examples of digital products that can be given as Christmas gift. I can choose one that is my nephew’s desire, and send it digitally.
Here are some Christmas gift ideas that can be delivered to families in a distance place:
Christmas gift ideas
This shop is in Java island. This beautiful necklace will be the perfect Christmas gift for a fashionable girl! And it can be delivered worldwide. Here is the store:
Christmas gift ideas coloring page
Adult coloring book! Do you know that Book Depository offering free shipping worldwide? Yes they are! They have good service too. I like to buy books at Book Depository. The Christmas theme coloring book will be a best Christmas gift. Fact of the day: coloring can reduce stress! So... it perfect!
christmas gift ideas lego
What can be more perfect than Lego related Christmas story book? Kids love Lego, and they will love this book too! Book Depository will send it for free shipping everywhere you want.
Christmas gift ideas sikil traveler
Want to send an exclusive photostock? Your family can make the photostock as their family calendar, greeting card, or to be a wall decoration, just add some meaningful quotes, print it, and frame it!





You can buy educational ebook for Christmas present. Your nephew will need it. Digital download can be a fast shipped present and also inexpensive.
While you are busy choosing the right gift for your family, keep in mind that Christmas is about love and care for each other, it’s not about how expensive your gift! Family togetherness, far or near, you will always miss at Christmas time. Family is where your wings of love will spread.
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We have family living far away. You have some great suggestions on how to order the perfect gift.

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