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What Should We Do Before The Disaster Strikes

Nobody knows when a disaster will occur, and no one wants it. But it would be very good if people could prepare themselves for the worst that might happen in their lives.
when the disaster strikes
Disasters such as floods, earthquakes, tornadoes are disasters that we can’t predict and estimate the damage they cause. What preparations can we make in dealing with this worst possibility so that we don’t fall too much in financial and valuables losses?
1. Ensure every property you have like a car and a house. According to this, you must be able to calculate the value of your property in good condition and in a condition of severe damage. You can get help on this website to make the calculation of the value of your totaled car.
2. Keep important family documents and financial documents in the safe deposit box. Even though it is paid, a safe deposit box can guarantee the safety of your documents so that you will not experience loss of property due to damaged or missing documents.
3. Store jewelry and gemstones in fireproof and pressure resistant safes. Jewelry is a property that will be wear at any time. But there are times when the owner just put that somewhere for a long time. It will be good to have a fireproof and pressure resistant safes which will guarantee the safety of your jewelry and make it easier for you to evacuate it when a disaster strikes.
Disasters cannot be avoided, but we can avoid disaster-prone areas by studying the disaster map and not live in the area. If you have to live in such an area you have to make sure your property is protected as I write above on this article, make sure your family knows how and what to evacuate when a disaster strikes. And keep praying so that your family is always in God's protection.


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