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Movie Weekend, Another Way To Be Friend With Your Teen

watching movieMy son and my husband, watching paleontology documentary in our small room in a company housing
Having teenager in the house is different than having kid. Kid like to play with parent, they like to involving parent to their daily activities. Teenager like to do his activities alone or with friend, they tend to let their parent alone. Parent who does not have daily activities outside the house often feel lonely abandoned by their teenagers.


Being Single Parent

Single mom

This week I had the opportunity to feel the role as a single parent, that is when my husband had to get out of the island up to 4 days. This opportunity can actually be viewed within two points of view: in positive and negative way. In positive way, this opportunity is the time to try to become a single parent, feel the stress and the commotion in becoming a single parent. And from negative standpoint, I only feel the burden. 




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