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What It's Like Being A Homeschool Mom Who Is Also An Influencer

Being an influencer is not my aim when I was a young girl, neither is being a homeschooling parent. But now, living both is a pride as well as a joy. The daily routine that I live in is also very fun, interacting with my family all day long while still getting money from my work as an influencer. Watching my son grow, it's just amazing.

What it's like being a homeschool mom who is also an influencer

I have a son who never went to school, he has been homeschooling since he was a toddler. Every thought, speech, intelligence, physical development, even his weaknesses I know clearly. While other parents leave their children to earn money, I am one of the few influencer moms who can proudly support my child through his developmental stages.

Apart from that, our family also frequently travels together exploring various areas that are still very new to us. This is the privilege we can get because our child is homeschooling and I work as an influencer. Do you want to enjoy this kind of life too? Yes, you can!

My job is not only as an influencer, I also design quilting patterns and learning materials, I can do that from home with only one computer.

I guess you begin to ask, how can I make money in this fun way? Well, even though it's not as fun as you think because in my opinion, creating blog content requires totality, but that's ok, being with my family, that's the most beneficial thing about this job.

The Advantages Is The Adventures
Another advantage of our way of life is the adventure. We are a family that doesn't like to be crowded with people in public transportation areas such as airports, even though we love traveling. If our son goes to a public school, he will only be able to travel during the holidays. You know for yourself how the airport conditions during school holidays, it's very crowded! With homeschooling, we can travel comfortably every time we like.

When we talk about adventure, arranging a work schedule is also an adventure. It is just like playing puzzles, adjusting which work is the most urgent to be done, considering whether the available time is enough to do the job, whether the necessary materials are available, etc.

The Obstacles and Challenges
Every job has challenges and obstacles, as well as influencers. If you see photos or videos that are full of cheerful smiles, it doesn't mean that this job is just fun without challenges. What are the obstacles and challenges for an influencer?

1. Setting the right working time.
Day, evening, or night depending on the demands of the content. So that an influencer must be able to manage working hours as well as possible. This is a challenge for influencers who are homeschooling parents like me, especially if the time for content creation collides with children's learning interests. I have to be smart to manage my time.

2. If suddenly there is a disturbance when the deadline for a job
This is the main challenge when working in a family. I put family as my priority so that if there is a family in need, I will ignore my job to meet the needs of the family. Yes, I spoiled them a lot. To overcome this I used to do the work, not at the last moment, I did little by little.

Tips for staying happy working with family surround you:

1. Avoid mixing family and work.
I keep work stress so as not to interfere with family relationships. If not, it will hurt my relationship with my son, or me with my husband. Although in some work activities I require family involvement, for example for photo needs while traveling as a travel blogger, I involve my family naturally and pleasantly with sincerity, not fake happiness.

What it's like being a homeschool mom who is also an influencer
2. There are times when all of our attention should be focused only on the family or only on work. If you face this, you must pay attention to the portion so that we don't get too immersed in work until the family is forgotten, or vice versa.

3. Take advantage of the planner.
This is very much needed for the smooth running of work and to balance work and family life. Make a plan every night or morning, so that you won't forget anything. Include family matters, such as shopping or visits to clinics in your planner.

4. Work with brands that match your blog's vision
This is very important because, with the same vision, the collaboration will be mutually beneficial and supportive. My experience while joining Intellifluence I often get collaboration with brands that match my blog content, it's certainly very nice to be able to work in a field that you like.

As influencers, apart from influencing others, we also influence our families. In this case, we must set an example for children about good work behavior. And this we must do sincerely, not just pretend because children can detect the pretense of their parents.


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