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Reasons Why I Don’t Have Car

The car has become a primary needs for many people. As a house, they think they can’t live without a car. Besides being a vehicle for transportation, the car also symbolizes the economic status of the owner. That makes people think they absolutely need a car.
Reasons why i do not have car
I did have that in mind. But not now. My friends said I’m weird cause I don’t think I need a car. But when I mention my reasons they agree with me. Here are my reasons:
1. Car is too expensive. I can’t afford to buy a car. My financial main priority is food, clothing, house, education, and traveling for the whole family.
2. I will buy a car if I have the money to buy it in full, not through the car installment loan. For me, a car is not a must-have item so I have to struggle to have it through the car installments loan with high interest.
3. The tax for a car is too expensive, I don’t have enough money to pay for the tax.
4. A car has no investment value. The value of the car will decrease over time. So I consider it as a consumptive thing.
5. Buying a used car is cheap but expensive in its maintenance
6. The obsolete cars will accumulate into the garbage that pollutes the environment. But fortunately, there are currently companies that want to buy obsolete cars, they pay cash for junk cars of whether your car has mechanical problems, major structural damage or doesn’t even start such as the Car JunkYards Near Me. You can contact them online to get an offer for your car.
7. I can’t drive! Lol… yes, I can’t drive. I have night blindness, and sometimes I have a brain fog because of my autoimmune disease, that’s the reasons I don’t want to drive.
8. I enjoy traveling, not driving.
9. I don’t have the need to show off my economic status. I only need to be real in a simple life.
10. I can read a book during the trip if someone else drives for me.
This is my opinion, if you have a different opinion than me that's ok. Maybe someday I will buy a car for my son. However, kid’s may have a different opinion from their parents.


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