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Things We Need To Do To Pets If We Traveling For A Long Time

Bingbong is our child, actually, he is our pet but we love him like our child. We love him, protect him, give what he needs. Bingbong is also very cute! He is funny and has unique habits. Every day we love him more. We adopted him a year ago when he was two months newborn kitty. At that time he was very weak and petite. But now he grew into a confident cat.
Within a year there was a lot of joy we passed together, there was also a longing when we had to travel leaving Bingbong at home alone with the caregiver. Before leaving Bingbong with his caregiver, we always prepared everything in detail to make sure when we returned, we saw him in good condition. What are we preparing?
Things we need to do to pets if we traveling for a long time
1. Make sure the food and water is enough
2. A week before traveling I gave him vitamins and really took care of his food and activities so as not to be sick as long as we were not on his side.
3. Give him some toys that make him actively move and be happy.
4. Always remind the caregivers not to leave the doors and windows open, so Bingbong is not released and then gone. This is something we really don't want to happen.
5. Give the caregiver a duty to comb Bingbong's fur every day and pet him so that Bingbong feels comfortable.
6. I also give the duty to the caregiver to clean the cat’s litter every day for Bingbong’s convenience and health.
7. I never asked the caregiver to bathe Bingbong, because her caregivers had not been trained to bathe the cat. It would be better if I bathe him before I leave, and then bathe him again when I get home. Because bathing cat requires special skills, such as bathing a baby, there are parts of his body that must be done carefully.
8. I installed a CCTV camera at home that can be accessed by my gadget to make sure I can monitor Bingbong for 24 hours. And if there something happens, such as the food and drink runs out, I immediately call the caregiver to come and fill it again.
9. I teach the caregiver to shop online in case there are things that Bingbong need urgent. If your pet is a dog, you can try this website: Dog Product Picker, they have various products for the dog's health and needs. 

Things we need to do to pets if we traveling for a long timeBingbong kiss the doll that I bought as a souvenir from our traveling, he is so cute!

Living with pets in the city will be easier because there are many pet shops that will care for our pet as long as we traveling. But in our village, there are no services like that, so I have to hire someone I trained to be the good caregiver for my beloved cat. We have to be friends with their caregiver, to make sure she handles our beloved well. 
This tips can also be applied if your pet is a dog. And if you need goods for dogs, you can visit They have basic needs for your pets and also items that will make your pet feel comfortable and loved. Dogs and cats are pets that will make us happy and they can be like our own child. They deserve love!


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