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Traveling With Baby: Comfort Is The Key

Having a baby is wonderful!
Baby makes us smile, and the baby is very dependent on us, so where there is a baby, that's where the parents are. There are times when parents are forced to carry their baby in long-distance travel. There are some parents who are reluctant to travel far with babies, for fear that the baby is fussy and uncomfortable along the way. Yup! I often found babies who are fussy on the plane because they feel uncomfortable, this will disturb other passengers, and of course, this is not the situation we want.
Traveling With Baby: Tips to comfort
Whereas in holiday parents have to take their baby for long distance traveling to the hometown. It would be very inconvenient traveling if you don’t know what to prepare. Here are some tips on what do you need to know to travel with a baby:
1. Wait until the baby is at least 3 months old, or consult with your doctor first. Because the baby's immune system is still not perfect.
2. Consult your physician about the immunizations and vaccinations needed. Find out if there is an outbreak in the destination or area that you’ll be passing through. Consult a doctor if there is an outbreak.
3. Avoid traveling more than 6 hours. If demanding a trip of more than 6 hours, it will be good to stay for one day in one place that you’ll pass through. This is related to the parental fatigue to keep the baby comfortable along the way.
4. Bring all the baby’s needs: diapers, clothes, a small pillow, medicine, or food. For diapers and clothes bring more because your baby may need more of them during the trip.
5. Bring things that can make the baby calmer: pacifier, doll, toy, or stroller. Don’t carry too much, but bring the most needed. A stroller is very useful because the baby will feel uncomfortable if held continuously along the way. He might be more comfortable sleeping in the stroller. Make sure you bring a lightweight stroller so as not to overload you. If you live in Italy and want to find a lightweight stroller, you can find here: 

Traveling With Baby: Tips to comfortSmall, foldable and lightweight stroller

6. Check out the weather. If the weather is hot, don’t put double clothing on baby. He will feel uncomfortable. And if the weather is cold make sure the baby is not chilled. Touch his ears, feet, and hands to know if he is chilled or not.
7. Don’t travel alone. Travel with your husband, friends, or relatives, they will be able to help you because your attention will be split between keeping the baby comfort and the security of your luggage, you can’t do both together.
8. Bring the items you will need on the go in one small bag that is easy to reach. For example tickets, money, or keys. These important little items will be hard to find in a short time if mixed in a bag with other bigger objects.
Prepare yourself, because traveling with a baby means you have to keep the comfort of two people: your baby's comfort and your own comfort.


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