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Multicultural Toys & Activities For Kids - Exploring Tea in Indonesia

My country, Indonesia, reach with various tea plantation. There are more than ten various of tea plants that spread from east to west of the archipelago. Constant temperature and humidity are the most important factors that contribute to tea plantation.

Exploring tea in Indonesia, you can download free tea time worksheet

Here are some kind of Indonesian tea:
White tea
White tea comes from tea leaves those are protected from the sun light, to minimize the formation of chlorophyll. White tea made from the leaves which are not undergo oxidation process.
Green tea
Green tea have so much benefit for our health, such as to reduce cholesterol, diabetes, and to reduce body fat.
Oolong tea
Is a kind of chinese tea.
Red tea
People in Africa called it “rooibos”.
Black tea
Black tea also known at South Asia and Africa.
Pu-erh tea
This tea will have a better taste if stored about 15-20 years.

tea 01

Although tea have caffeine, even more than coffee, parents tend to allow their kids to drink tea than coffee. Some kind of tea have caffeine more than coffee.
Children also love to play tea party! They get dress, prepare a table with tablecloth, tea cups, cakes, and tea pot. So cute!
I have a free worksheet about tea time. This worksheet is to learn to read, and to have fun! Children can learn to read, and cut and glue the pictures in tea time theme. Download here!

tea 3

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