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The Best Way To Decorate Your Home With Photos - Mom Can Do It!

Nowadays, taking photos with the digital camera is no longer as difficult and as expensive as the old time when we used camera film. And today we have a lot of options to display the photos that can be matched to the theme of your house, whether it is casual, minimalist, formal, or natural. It only takes a lot of ideas to create or buy the right display, either in form of a scrapbook, picture frame, or picture wall.

The best way to decorate your home with photos

Scrapbook made with paper, buttons, ribbons, metal, and paint. A scrapbook can deliver the impression of casual, vintage, formal, elegant, nature, or else depending on the design used. But clearly, the scrapbook deliver a strong handmade appearance. If you want to display photos in a room with the theme about handmade the scrapbook will be a perfect choice.
To make a casual impression, use contrast colors and casual images as well. Avoid paints or ink colors that will create a vintage impression. This scrapbook will suitable for teen's or kid’s room.
For a formal impression use pastels, grey, and brown. Apply just a small amount of scrapbook embellishments. This scrapbook will be great for the office, or formal living room.
For a cheerful impression use contrasting colors and colorful embellishments. This will be great to display in a baby or child's room.
For vintage impression use paper and paint with vintage colors.
You can use this website as a guide to arrange the right color impressions for your scrapbook.

The best way to decorate your home with photos - mom can do it!Scrapbook made by me

Picture Frame
Picture frames are the most practical way to display your photo. Choose a model and color that matches the theme of your room. I like to use picture frame with a simple look, I only need to adjust the color to the theme of the room. When I need the impression of elegance I will choose the black, brown, or grey. For the casual impression in my son's room, I'll choose a light green or light blue but still in a simple look.
There are some beautiful and elegant picture frame designs, with shades of nature and word arts that emphasize the photo themes. This can be your choice to adjust to the theme of your room.

The best way to decorate your home with photos - mom can do itPhoto courtesy of Photojaanic

Picture Wall
Picture wall needs more creativity than the previous two methods. Creativity to design, to choose the right colors, and to actualize the design.
The advantages of picture wall are:
~ You can design freely according to your favorite.
~ You can use existing materials. You even can do the recycling and reuse.
~ You can adjust the picture wall to the room. Your narrow or wide wall can look attractive with the right picture wall designs.
The general concept of a picture wall is almost the same as the scrapbook. But it is not limited to the frame size. Picture wall design can fill all the walls that available.

The best way to decorate your home with photos - mom can do itPhoto courtesy of Trendir

You can see that designing a photo display is so much fun! Making the scrapbook, picture frame, and picture wall are FUN. You can do it too!
Now if you want to make it after reading this post, do these:
1. Collect or capture great, interesting, and emotional family photographs.
2. Then look for the companies that can print your photos with good quality paper and durable color.
3. Make a decision about what you want to make whether it is a picture frame, scrapbook, or picture wall. After that look for a store that provides your needs. If you live in a village use a website that can meet your needs such as Photojaanic. At Photojaanic you can choose various kinds of picture frames and photo print quality to suit your needs, then pay your order, and wait for your order at home. Then you can start to decorate!
So, mom can decorate the house to be a cozy home for the family!


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