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Our Time Machine, Connecting Us With The Past And The Future

our time machine
My childhood was awesome! It was full of fun! The years when I didn’t have problems. That was when my father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, aunts, and uncles were all completely alive.
Years passed, some of them rest in peace. But my memories about them will not be erased. Those memories will stay in my brain as long as I live. Wait, that’s not true! I do need some triggers to put some of those memories back to my consciousness.
What are the triggers?
Photos, traditional food, nostalgia with families, old songs, and visiting old places can be the triggers. When I face one of those triggers, suddenly I come back to the old times. I remember all the things around it. It make me smile, and even cry. But whatever that will be, I feel happy! Those triggers are like a time machine, that connect me to the past!
So, you don’t have to be rich or be a scientist to have your own time machine as in the movie. Let’s mention Back to the Future, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Terminator, The Time Machine, and Timeline, those are movies about time machine and scientist that create it. The scientists are so smart, so they can create a machine that can bring them to the past or to the future!
When the scientist rode his time machine, they will scream, afraid, and their body will shake! This descriptions about time machine are the same with your own “time machine”, those are your photos, traditional food, places, or old songs. It takes courage to “ride” your time machine, you may feel afraid or shaken. It just because some people can’t face their past, maybe their past time was too embarrassing to remember, or maybe their past was too sad.
Connect with our past can be so tempting, we may be afraid, but tempted to connect. Deep inside our heart, we want to remembering our past. For most people, connected with their past will bring them wisdom to face the future, it is what people said about “learn from the past”.
Open your heart and mind, forget about your past sin, make peace with yourself, then take a look at your old photos, eat your childhood snack, talk about your past time with your family, listen to your favorite past time songs, do all happily! Enjoy every moment of your life, bad or good, it’s your life! Don’t waste your time with regrets! And reach your own wisdom from the past experiences.


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