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Blogging, The Results By Sitting In Front Of The Computer One Hour A Day

Blogging is awesome!
Do you know what I got from blogging?
First, I got blogger friends! And they are so precious kind of people. They share knowledge, ask question, and they even give us job!
Second, self actualization! I like to write and to express myself at writing. Blogging let me write whenever I want and I have readers too.
Third, get free books for my family. I am a book reviewer, I review books at my blog. There are publishers and writers want me to review their books, they send the books free for me as the reward. My blog’s niche are family and education, I always match the review with my niche, so I got education and family books for free. Isn’t that wonderful?
Four, practicing writing skills, especially writing in English because English is my second language.
Five, getting money! You can be affiliate of certain product, and get money by the affiliation programme.
OK, now you see there are five good reasons to blogging. Actually there are more reasons to love blogging. You only need to sit for about one hour, and you’ll get the benefit. It is awesome!
But blogging can be so frustrating when it be more than just write on your blog! If you start to have affiliation link, review, collaboration with other bloggers, advertising, or else. If those things begin to complicated, you have to organizing your blogging activities.

blogger planner cover

You will need a blogger planner. Blogger planner is a kind of organizer for your blogging job. Blogger planner usually a place where you put your plans of blogging for a month. There you can plan post to write, review that should be write, and you can planning your newsletter topic for the month.

batik blogger planner

I understand you are too busy to create your own blogger planner. I created my own with beautiful batik texture, and will like to share with you as a subscriber freebie. You only need to push this button below, then fill your name and email at given form and click “Yes, send me to the freebie” button. Hurry up get your free Batik Blogger Planner before I change my mind! Lol!

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Very pretty Blog Maria and printables

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