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Developing Critical Thinking For Homeschooling With Only One Child

critical thinking
Ability to think critically is important as a way to solve the problems. If this is not your child’s habit, develop now, ‘cause they will need this ability as a way to struggle in his live. Critical thinking is a way to analyze and evaluate problems, so that your child will find the solution.


Visiting Indigenous Friends

visiting indigenous friends
We were just got home after visiting our local friends. They were indigenous people in this remote area. We learn a lot about the culture and, of course, the food!
When we arrived at my friend’s house, we met her father. At age 78th years, he looks younger than his age! It is surprising me. I guess it because he is moving his body everyday, this move has effects as low impact sport.


Typeable Recipe Card FREE Download Until 31 July 2015

recipecardClick the picture to download
Moving in a very new place, means tasting new foods and collecting new recipes. Me too! This remote area have so much brand new food to me. Pulut, pempek parang-parang fish, cikodok, dadar gulung pisang, lepat, etc! Soooo much! And they are delicious food! If we eat new food, I ask my son to say the taste, salty, sweet, or sour? Whether it is delicious or not? Does he want to eat it again next day? Why he like it or doesn't like it? And if he like it, I ask him to collect the recipe. From this needs, I make him a recipe card that typeable with beautiful design (see the picture above), so that we don't have to print the recipe, again... paperless!


Discipline, Logical Or Authority Based?

Now we live in a company area. There are so much (a not so) new things that we learn. However, company area different than residential. We have to be more discipline in obeying the rules of the company.
1. We have to wear helmet and tag when passing the factory area
2. We have to wear shoes if passing the factory area
3. We have to walk on the pedestrian
4. We have to recognizing gathering point for evacuating if there is disaster.
5. We are not allowed to take picture in a certain area.


Answering Question About Homeschooling To People In Remote Area

Answering Questions About Homeschooling To People In Remote Area - Read this, and your smile will open widely
Almost two and half months we living in remote area, during this time, a lot of people asking me: “Why our son doesn’t go to school?” When we were in the city, most of people that ask the question will continue with other questions:
“How about the socialization?”
“What if he want to go to school?”
“How much does homeschool cost? It must be very expensive.”
…and other question…




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