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Frugal Homeschooling For Visual-Kinesthetic Learner

visual kinesthetic learner
What if your child is a visual-kinesthetic learner? Can you do frugal homeschooling?
I do! Since my son was still 7 years old, I knew that he is a visual and kinesthetic learner. I should set our learning that suite with him so learning will be fun. As a kinesthetic learner, he should move around while learning, and learning should begin with sports, like running, jumping, push up, sit up, etc. By doing this, his brain will be more ready to learn.


How To Teach Two Subjects At Once?

Do you like crafting with your child?
By crafting you can make models, such as paper plane is model of aeromodelling. Models facilitate the child to understand something. Paper plane will facilitate child to understand aeromodelling.
At remote area where we live, houses made of wood. People here have a special design for the house, so their house strong enough to hold furnitures, motorcycle, and other goods. We learn about it by observing, photographing house that was built, and crafting a wooden house!


How To Make Assessment For Your Homeschooling?

homeschool assessment
Homeschooling frugally means you have to be creative in learning, and also in making the assessment. But homeschool parent often confused on how to make assessment for their children. They often thought that they have to use national standard, and even thought that they have to use “school teacher language”. Here I give you six guides to make your own assessment for your child’s learning.


Other Benefit Of Living In A Company Housing

benefit of company housing
For people who can see the benefit of every situation, living in a company housing is not a bad idea, although for others it could be very unpleasant because they don’t feel private and don’t have a big enough room to keep their stuffs. As you can see at this photo, this is where we live now, a company housing that similar with hotel, we only have two bed rooms, no kitchen, no dining room, no living room.


Learning To Live In Harmony With The Wild

monitor lizardThe monitor lizard that wallow near our room.
The mudhole have canal to the river in front of our room, that makes the monitor lizard
easy to swim to the river when it need to hunting food.
This photo taken by my husband, my own photo is not good.
Living in a remote area means you live near the wild. Sometimes, you even walk beside them! I’m serious, this is not just parable. In remote area where we live we can see eagles, monitor lizard, swallow, wild lotuses, and other wild animals and plants everyday. Believe me, they are so gorgeous!


Teaching Basic Accounting In Remote Area

accounting monopolyThis is how my son write down our financial calculation
I can’t do accounting, I am weak in numerical. But my husband different than me, he is good in accounting and logical matters. One skill that I want my son to have are financial skills, he should be able to counting, analyzing, predicting his financial, and of course working to get money. One aspect of financial skill is accounting. Ok, now we want him to learn the basic skill of accounting: making financial report. As you can guess, my husband is the person in charge because he is good at this.




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