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Awesome Passion of A Homeschooling Teenager

Awesome Passion of A Homeschooling Teenager
So, many of you think to bring school to your home when think about homeschooling? No, that is not awesome! That will be terrible, unless you are a principal and you have school at your home.
I ever did making my house as a tiny school for my son, it was about seven years ago. I set up a shelf to keep the printed portfolios, another shelf for his book and educational toys, a computer to online learning, a table and a chair to write his assignment. But what come next? I got burn out! I feel incapable doing homeschool.
Ok, maybe I am not the right person to do it, another families do this successfully. Maybe I was overwhelming with my other job as a writer, housekeeper, wife, and crafter. I decide to make a turning point for our homeschool daily. Then I choose the right method for our homeschooling!
I keep the book shelf, and throw away the portfolio shelf. I’m not going to wasting my time to print all learning materials, I better spending more time to learn with my son, and use printerless (not paperless, ‘cause we are still using books) in our daily homeschool. All ebooks remain ebooks, I’m not make them as book by printing them.
Now, our homeschooling is awesome! Our son learn a lot! And he develop his passion at his eleven years old. His passion! Not my passion or his dad’s passion! I was recommended him a few activity that can brought him to self actualization, such as being a writer, being owner of online toys store, even being a farmer. But he didn’t want to, he want to do his own passion.
I see his passion is good, and the important thing, he doesn’t brake the rules. However, there will be some people say that his passion is not good, or will not make huge money. But who cares? Money can’t buy happiness, but self actualization will bring it.
I love to see my son grow, and always happy to support him. His independency to decide what important to him is pleasing me. He ever said to me: “Mom, this year went by so fast, it is suddenly October, and we will soon at 2016!” I only can answer: “Yeah Son, that’s because you were doing your passion, that makes your time flies, but you grown up happily in those moments!”
This year our homeschooling is awesome when he decided to become a games youtuber!

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0 #1 Heather Blaise 2015-10-13 22:30
Great article! I really want to learn more about homeschooling so I can travel with my son. Thanks for sharing this!

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