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Learning From Things Around Us

learning from things around usEverywhere we go, everywhere we live, there always be a lot of things to learn. Different place means different learning. You don’t have to look far away for learning materials, just look at all around you carefully and you’ll find.
Today a man from the office come to our room to check the fire extinguisher. We saw how he work, observed the fire extinguisher, and we learned how to use it if there is fire in our room. A simple activities began from things around us, meaningful for learning. And also met with safety standard. My son also learn about plant that can be used to heal burns, “aloe vera”, or “lidah buaya” in Bahasa Indonesia. The cold jelly inside the trunk can reduce the burns. There are a lot of aloe vera at the garden in front of our room.

learning from things around us

Those are two examples of learning that came from things around us. I know sometime you lack of learning ideas, me either. If you stuck, discuss with your child what topics that he want to learn? Or, you can use discussion cards. I made discussion cards that you can download for free by clicking here.


You can get ideas from books, conversation with others, or incidents. As homeschool family, everything can be your learning materials. Just add some creativity, and you’ll have fun learning.

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