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Unit Study, The Reason Why

The Reason Why I Choose Unit Study
One of homeschool method is called “unit study”. Unit study is a method where you combined all learning subject, such as math, science, language, motorik learning, art, or else into one single theme.
As a homeschool family, I had tried this method for my son, at the beginning of our homeschooling when he was at primary. But today he is grown up, he is a teenager, and the method are not match with his need. In fact, I like unit study. It is integrated all learning subject, that makes kid easy to interpret learning subjects to solve his daily problem.
Although we are not using unit study anymore, I always try to apply the method into our homeschooling. For example, I read-aloud a story, then I integrate the theme with any learning subject. Wait, let me make this clear for you. When I see a sale offering for Christmas Around The World geography unit study, I interested to buy. I read-aloud the content to my son, while he played games, you know what happen next? He stopped play the games, started listening, and continued with his own stories from his imagination! I like this processes. And we continued to extend the discussion to other subjects with the theme of Christmas Around The World.
Shortly, Christmas Around The World is a geography-based unit study about the way people around the world celebrate Christmas. About the cultures, the “where in the world”, language, and other geographical subject.

christmas around the world

Another advantages if you use Christmas Around The World at your homeschooling, is that you can use it to all your kids at different school grades. It can be used for kids from Kindergarten through Sixth grade. The book have 200 pages full color and full with graphics, I’m sure children will love it because of the cute graphics. This book combining facts and biblical worldview, yes you can teach Godly traits to your kids with Christmas Around The World!
After reading this, I’m sure you will ask: where to buy? How much?
You can buy at this link: Christmas Around The World
scroll down to see what Katie offering for you. Read the testimonials and special features. You will find a full benefit book to buy.

Christmas Around the World leaderboard 2

OK, back to unit study facts. The above condition, where my son develop his comprehension about Christmas celebration around the world’s cultures are an example why I like unit study. He learn about Christmas, cultures, places around the world, humanity, language, and art all in one time. Unit study apply and integrate all the learning subjects to solve problem. Don’t hesitate to try unit study at your classroom or homeschooling. All you need to have is creativity!

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