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Involving Kids Into Your Projects, How To Educate Kids About Work

involving kid at work
Some people said that school (especially in my country) is not educate kids for work readiness. School only makes pupils got good scores at tests, but without smart working skills.
That's horrible! Another sad fact, schooled kids can't understand Bahasa Indonesia well. They couldn't make formal letter properly, how can they ready to work if they can’t make the main aspect of working: application letter!
Of course we don’t want our kid have these problems. We want them to be good person that can act properly in every situation that important to their life. What can we do to help our kid to maintain their working skills? You can teach them through your own work. Involve them to your work project. I know, there will be chaos, but also there will be a lot of learning. I choose to face the chaos but my son learning through his experiences, than avoid the chaos and my son get nothing.
Learning to work means kid learn to be responsible, obey the superior, and do the job almost correctly. So, if you want to involve kid to your work, prepare yourself to not only teach him about how to do the work, but also those trait that I mention above.
What chaos that might be happen? How to solve them?
1. You probably can’t finish the job on time.
You have to prepare for this possibility. Talk to your client, ask them to give you more time to finish your work. Talk to your kid about the deadline, and ask him to walk with you.
2. You probably will lose some important notes.
Or files, or phone number, or one sheet of your planner. To avoid this, you can start to involve your kid at their older age, it is when they know things that important to you. 8 years or older is the perfect time to start.
3. You probably have to repeat your work from beginning.
My suggestion to avoid this chaos is the same with number 2. Don’t be ambitious to involve younger children to your work, they still want to play a lot, not work.
4. Your kid probably will lost his learning desire
This is the most chaos that I don’t want to happen! Once your kid lost his learning desire, you will regret yourself. Be patient to your kid, give him job according his ability, realize that it is his learning time, not working time. You only can offer him to do the harder job, not force him.
Do not push your kid to do more than his ability, he is not your employee. You have to keep in mind that this learning is aimed to your kid’s experiences, not yourself. Do this from five minutes a day, and the next day you can add the time as his wish.
Are you ready to teach your kid to work? Whether you are homeschool or not, you can do this! Have fun and learn a lot!


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