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Healthy Food Recipe Wedgzza- Faithful Finish Lines Week 4

Week 4 of Faithful Finish Lines is about food we eat, and beverages. Eat wisely and drink zero calorie beverages. This is exactly what I done since I got diabetes. I am not drink beverage with sugar, and if I really want it, I only take one spoonful, not more than that. Because every calorie counted and have specific effect on me.
wedgezza recipe
Everyday I drink coffee three times, you can imagine how much sugar that I consume if I use sugar in my coffee. Then I’m not adding sugar in my coffee, and they are delicacy that I can enjoy everyday. I also eat fruits when I need sweet snacks.
I have one favorite healthy dish that I want to share to you, I named it “Wedgzza”, it is combination between pizza and potato wedges. I use fresh ingredients. Here is the recipe:
3 potato, wash but not peel
100 ml water
5 spoonful flour
1 teaspoonful salt
Cooking oil
3 tomatoes, chopped
2 egg, boiled and sliced
Two pinch of oregano
3 spoonful shredded mozzarella
Mix water and salt.
Cut potato like potato wedges, put into water and salt mixture. Put the flour in a bowl.
Drain the potatoes, put into the flour, and cover with flour.
Heat a pan, put cooking oil into a pan, and deep fried the potato wedges.
Remove the potato wedges from the pan, put into pizza pan.
Spread the chopped tomatoes on top of the potato wedges. Add sliced eggs, spread the oregano and mozzarella cheese.
Baked until mozzarella melted.
Ready to serve!
Healthy, easy, and delicious recipe for your diet.
See you at week 5!


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