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How I Manage My Time To Get All The Jobs Done?

how i manage my time
My friends keep asking me: “How do you manage your time with a lots of activities?” I’m not a good management of my jobs, but I always trying to get all jobs done. My daily jobs are:
  • housekeeper
    homeschool mom
Phew, a lots of jobs that should be done for a day!
I believe you who is reading this article, have a lots of jobs like me!
What do we need to get those done in a day?
We have to knowing our body’s capabilities. Everyone has different capability. For example, some people able to work all day without stopping, some people have to take a nap, some people will better work with music, some people like to talk, etc. So, it is important to realize your capabilities.
I realize that I couldn’t do deep thinking if there were any sound, whether it was music or people talking.
I realize that I write best in the morning when everyone in the house still sleeping.
I realize that in the afternoon I will get tired and can’t do activities that need a lots of energy.
Based on those facts, I manage my daily time like this:
Morning: writing, then clean up the house, after that I will study with my son.
Noon: still study, and if the study finished I begin to crafting.
Afternoon: crafting until tired, after that I will manage my blog and its networking. Before go to sleep I do a little house cleaning. And I close the day by praying with my family.
Do I need a time organizer?
Yes, organizer will help me remind everything that I have to do. I like using Google Calendar, it will notify me about today’s task at my mobile.
Knowing my capabilities and tools that I need to manage my daily task will help me to be a better person. If you still confused with managing your daily task, you can do as I do:
  • Know your capabilities
    List all your jobs
    Find and use tool that will help you to better manage your time
    And.... do it now!


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