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Does Crafting Makes Me Rich?

Does my craft makes me rich 1
I like to do craft! Crafting is one of my favorite activities, also a kind of job, I got money from crafting, I sale my crafts here. I do sewing craft, cross stitching, scrapbook and card making, also decoupage.

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Bag sewing and patchwork

What makes me like crafting?
I satisfied by using thing that I made myself. I also like to give my crafts as present for family and friends. They like it, and so do I. When I saw something at the store that I considered as good looking or match with my taste, my brain start working, analyzing the material or pattern, imagining the working method, and decide whether I can make it or not. If my brain decide “Yes, I can make it”, then I will make it no matter what! I become a brave lady! Lol!

Does my craft makes me rich 3Decoupage

What does the impact of crafting to my life?
Relaxation! Although crafting is tiring, but I feel relax every time I finished my craft. It seem like I accomplish something that is impossible to do, and even feels like conquer the world! Lol! The relax feeling erase my stress, replace it with comfort. That impact makes me like the process of crafting.

Does my craft makes me rich 4Quilted pillow chair

Does my craft makes me rich?
No! The cycle is: get money - shop another craft materials - repeat! Lol!
Money that I got from crafting I use to buy another craft materials, so I can develop my craft skill. By this way, I am not rich of savings, but I do rich with new skills. Craft support crafts. But, I do also use my money to buy some books and ebooks to my son, and he got more knowledge and fun. I don’t have savings from my craft, but I gain happiness and knowledge. Craft is addicting and fun for me and my family.

Does my craft makes me rich 2Artist trading card


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