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Awesome Batik Indonesia

batik 5
Batik Indonesia is one awesomeness in my life! Batik is fabric that have certain painting style, describing philosophies of a culture. Today, 2nd October, we celebrate Batik Day. Why batik are so awesome?
First, batik have thousands painting style. Every region in Indonesia have their own style. Javanese have hundreds style of batik. Bali have tens style, and so on.
Second, batik need days to create. It also need passion and patience. If you hurried, you can’t make a beautiful batik.
Third, you can make clothing or other handmade with batik, and the result oh so beautiful and unique!
Forth, batik has investment value. You can buy old batik, keep it for years, and sale it with higher price! Awesome!
Batik have two ways to make: hand-painted and stamped. But now, there are a lot of batik printed as usual printed fabrics. Batik print doesn’t have investment value.
Here are photos that I took from my Batik trip at Sidoarjo city:
batik 1
The woman paint hand-painted batik, awesome work!
batik 2
Batik store at Sidoarjo city
batik 3
Batik store at Sidoarjo city, there are a lot of beautiful batik Indonesia
batik 4
This is the best and the most expensive Batik Sidoarjo, hand-painted carefully and have a lots of details! This batik are so awesome! So it only can be wear by king and queen.
batik 6
These are hand-painted Batik Sidoarjo collected by Sidoarjo Regent, nice collection!

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